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Texas History study sheet

Texas History study sheet - administration to help stop an...

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Texas History study guide 1. annexation - joining of one political region to another; many Texans desired to see this occur by the US 2. revenues – the total government income 3. Treaty of Tehuacana Creeek - peace and trade agreement signed in 1844 by Sam Houston and Comanche chief Buffalo Hump 4. ratify - approve or formally accept 5. homestead law - law passed in 1839 to protect a family's home and up to 50 acres of land from seizure for debts 6. Chief Bowles - Cherokee leader and friend of Sam Houston 7. Regulator - Moderator War feud between two groups in East Texas that began over fake land certificates and erupted into violence 8. red backs - paper money issued by the Republic of Texas during Lamar's
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Unformatted text preview: administration to help stop an economic crisis 9. Council House Fight - battle in 1840 between Texans and the Comanche after the Comanche did not release all of their captives 10. expenditures - government expenses 11. Sam Houston - elected president of the Republic of Texas in October 1836 12. Cherokee - Sam Houston lived with this these Indians 13. Texas Rangers - Sam Houston came to rely on this group for defense of the frontier after experiencing issues with the army 14. Mirabeau B. Lamar - was elected the second president of the Republic of Texas in 1838...
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