Literature 8

Literature 8 - hyperbole an exaggeration irony when the...

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Literature Personification – this is when something is given qualities it normally does not have (horse talking) simile - using a comparison with "like" or "as" metaphor – the comparison NOT using "like" or "as" symbol - when something stands for something else alliteration - when two or more words are next to each other that begin with the same letter or sound imagery - when the author forms an image in your mind idiom - a phrase that cannot be taken literally, but its meaning is understood
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Unformatted text preview: hyperbole - an exaggeration irony - when the opposite of what is expected happens onomatopoeia - when the sound of an action is spelled like it sounds repetition - when words are repeated in sequence oxymoron - when two words are next to each other that have opposite meanings, but they create a new meaning flat - character that usually only shows one side of his/her personality, and does not show growth or maturity in the story...
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