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Literature study guide

Literature study guide - the story and exists outside the...

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Round the character that usually shows many sides of personality and shows growth or maturity in the story major the main character, story would change if character were different or removed minor less important character and the story would not change or only change slightly if this character were removed direct characterization when a description is given in the story in words indirect characterization when a character is described through actions and dialogue dialogue words spoken by characters foreshadowing a hint in the story of something that will happen later in the story setting the time and place of the story conflict struggle in the story external conflict KIND that is a struggle between two characters or things in
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Unformatted text preview: the story and exists outside the character internal conflict KIND that is a struggle within one character and the stuggle exists inside that character man v man a struggle between two characters, external man v self a struggle with in one character, internal man v nature a struggle between a character and a natural force, external man v society a struggle between a character and a force of society, external exposition background information is given to understand the story better, characters are introduced, setting is established rising action events leading to the climax, conflict is present, suspense is present, longest portion of the story...
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