2027Hmwk3 - ISyE 2027 R D Foley Probability with...

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ISyE 2027 Probability with Applications Fall 2011 R. D. Foley Homework 3 September 10, 2011 due Friday For many of these problems, put your answer in both the form of a nice expression (like ( 10 3 ) ) and a numerical answer. To compute the numerical answer, Maple may of some help. There are a variety of tutorials about Maple on the web. This one looked pretty good to me: http://www.math.ubc.ca/ ~ israel/m210/index.html and scroll down to the lessons. Lesson one shows how to get rid of the 2D input. The 2D input is the default, but I think most users, including me, dislike it. The maple help command is fairly useful. Ask for help on “factorial,” “binomial,” and “evalf”. 1. Please read the instructions carefully, before doing this problem. After reading and understanding this problem, flip two coins: a nickel and a quarter. If the nickel came up heads, answer Question A. If the nickel came up tails, answer question B. Question A: Did the quarter come up heads? Question B: Have you cheated on a test at Georgia Tech? Your answer to this problem will be simply one word: either “yes” or “no”. Do not tell me what happened with the nickel or quarter. I do not want to know which question you’re answering so that I have no way of knowing whether you have cheated or not. There is no trick involved. Please do not re-toss the coins if you didn’t get the outcome that you desired. Please flip the coins, and answer the appropriate question honestly. 2. How many different ways could 10 riders be assigned to 10 horses as- suming one rider per horse? 3. Suppose ten people are coming for Thanksgiving dinner. (a) Suppose there is a traditional table with 10 chairs around the table, which in- cludes a chair at the head of the table? How many seating arrangements
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2027Hmwk3 - ISyE 2027 R D Foley Probability with...

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