HW 6 - by the command name For example typing “help tf”...

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EE 313 HW 6, Due Monday March 28, 2011 Lathi 4.4-1 4.4-9 4.4-10 Rework example C4.4 in Lathi (Pg 421) for the following cases. Submit the step response for each case, plotted on the same figure. (a) K=2 (b) K=100 This will require that you learn a few new MatLab commands that are used in this example. For assistance with a new Matlab command, you can either search the help menu, or type “help” followed
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Unformatted text preview: by the command name. For example, typing “help tf” in the command prompt will bring up the following: “TF Creation of transfer functions or conversion to transfer function. Creation: SYS = TF(NUM,DEN) creates a continuous-time transfer function SYS with numerator(s) NUM and denominator(s) DEN. The output SYS is a TF object.”...
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