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PracticeExam 2 - 4 ݀ݕ ݀ݐ ൅ 7ݕ ൌ ng system us ൅...

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EE 313. 1. A LTI s H(s) for t 2. Find t 3. The fo circuit as 4. Solve your solu Input: x[ Initial co 5. A coll the syste output so a) Find H b) You w y(t) . Exam 2. Clos system is go this system. he impulse r ollowing circ s a function o the followin ution. [n]=5 n u[n] nditions: y[ league is stu em, she has p ound pressu H(s) for this t would like to sed Notes, Clo verned by th ݀ ݕ ݀ݐ response of cuit is given a of time, i(t) . ng difference 1]=3 udying a spea performed a ure y(t) = e 3t transducer know the o osed Book. A he following ൅ 3 ݀ ݕ ݀ݐ ൅ 4 the followin ሺܦ ൅ 2ܦ a voltage inp e equation. ݕሾ݊ ൅ 1ሿ aker system an experime u(t) . utput y(t) w Allowed 8.5 x g differential
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Unformatted text preview: 4 ݀ݕ ݀ݐ ൅ 7ݕ ൌ ng system us ൅ 1ሻݕሺݐሻ ൌ put x(t) = e ‐ 5 Label the ze െ 1 4 ݕሾ݊ሿ ൌ used in a he nt in which a hen the inpu x 11 note she l equation. F ൌ 2 ݀ ଶ ݔ ݀ݐ ଶ ൅ ݀ݔ ݀ sing Laplace. ܦݔሺݐሻ 5t u(t) . Solve ero ‐ input an 2ݔሾ݊ሿ eadphone. a step input ut x(t)= δ (t), et, front + ba Find the tran ݔ ݐ . for the curr d zero ‐ state While she h t voltage x(t) an impulse ack and calcul nsfer functio rent through e component has not mod )=u(t) yields voltage. Fin ator on h the ts of eled an nd...
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