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EE 313. Exam 1. Closed Notes, Closed Book. Allowed 8.5 x 11 note sheet, front + back and calculator 1. Given ሺܧ ൅2ܧ൅2ሻݕሾ݊ሿൌ3ݔሾ݊ሿ a) Plot the roots in the complex plane b) Is this system stable or unstable? 2. Is the following system stable or unstable? ሺܦ൅2ሻݕሺݐሻൌ2ݔሺݐሻ 3. Is the following system Linear or Nonlinear? Show your method or procedure for answering. ݕሷ൅3ݕሶ൅cosሺ3ݐሻݕൌ2ݔሶ 4. A system has impulse response h(t) shown below. Sketch the zero state response of the system to the input x(t) . Be as quantitative as possible in your sketch. 5. Solve for the impulse response h(t) for the following system. ሺܦ ൅2ܦ൅1ሻݕሺݐሻൌܦݔሺݐሻ 6. The impulse response
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This note was uploaded on 01/22/2012 for the course EE 313 taught by Professor Cardwell during the Spring '07 term at University of Texas.

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Exam 1_Spring2010 -...

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