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Week 8 – Discussion Question 1 I personally know that all Asian Americans are not "model minorities" because I live in an area that is populated with a lot of Hmongs (immigrants from Southeast China), and they are by no means successful. Hmongs are considered to be a nomadic, subordinate group in their both their homeland and the United States. In the United States, many of them live in poverty in living spaces crammed with many relatives. In my area, many Hmongs are known to feed their families by fishing by the sides of the river (Mississippi River), which is looked down upon by most White Americans. Asian Americans as a whole are doing well in America, but we can by no means categorize them or any other minority as "model". As little as I know about Asians Americans and Pacific Islanders at this point, I do know that I personally do not consider them to belong to a single "Asian American" culture, because they come from different countries and have diverse economic, linguistic,
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