Week 4 Day 4 Check Point Mental Health Service Professions Lavora Moses

Week 4 Day 4 Check Point Mental Health Service Professions Lavora Moses

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Mental Health Service Professions I choose Nursing, Psychiatric, and Home Health Aides. Home Health Aides are not required to have a high school diploma. They are usually trained in the field by nurses. Some companies prefer to train in a class setting though. Training can last for several days to a few months. One qualification to become a Home Health Aide is being in good health. They usually have to take a state regulated tuberculosis test. They also have to have access to some form of transportation to get to patient’s homes. Having to deal with people every day, a Home Health Aide needs to be patient, understanding, and be willing to help people. Home Health Care facilities, nursing and residential care facilities, and social assistance agencies are who usually employ a
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Unformatted text preview: Home Health Aide. I also choose Mental Health Counselor. A masters degree is usually required for this job depending on the state. Some states only require a bachelors degree. Some employees provide training but most are trained through school when they are getting their degree. One qualification counselors have to have is the ability to handle stress. This could be a very stressful job. Another qualification is the ability to follow the code of ethics. Mental Health Counselors work in all types of environments. Places like healthcare, correctional institutes, and some are even self-employed. Counselors are needed to help patients in all types of environments....
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