Week 7 Day 7 Assingment Healthcare Interview Lavora Moses

Week 7 Day 7 Assingment Healthcare Interview Lavora Moses -...

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Health Care Professional Interview I had a chance to interview my mother-in-law who is a Licensed Practical Nurse (LPN). To get her license to become a LPN she went to a vocational school. Today, most people have to attend a community college to receive a LPN license. Education takes about a year to finish. Once finished with school, students are presented with their license and can begin looking for a job. My mother-in-law is currently employed as a home health nurse. Her scope of practice is to be the eyes and ears for the doctors of her clients. If she feels something is wrong she will call
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Unformatted text preview: the doctor to see what treatment her or she would like her to administer. With her help elderly patients can live at home and still get their monthly medical care. Some of her responsibilities are to perform a general system review every visit and observe and access the patients. She takes vital signs of all her patients and checks their cardiac and pulmonary functions. Lastly, she administers medications, shots, or anything else the doctor orders her to administer. With her help elderly people do not have to leave their homes to visit the doctor as often....
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