Lavora Moses Assignment Week 2 Day 7 Oil

Lavora Moses Assignment Week 2 Day 7 Oil - Importing...

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Importing Foreign Oil “The significant increase in oil prices in past years has served as a wake-up call to reenergize development of alternative energy sources and to put into place an infrastructure where reusable sources can provide a greater portion of the United States energy needs, with less reliance on foreign imports (Dall 2011).” America is responsible for a large amount of oil consumption and imports. This causes more harm than good. I agree with Obama’s vision and effort to decrease the amount of foreign oil Imported. I believe finding independency within our country is beneficial. However, I believe drilling throughout Alaska and other unexplored regions will eventually cause more harm than good. Oil drilling cause negatives effect within the United States or in other countries. Oil dependency is the effect of oil drilling. I strongly believe establishing and expanding more solar energy plants, utilizing clean coal and providing more green jobs is the key to our country’s independence and decrease in oil imports from foreign oil. Increase of solar energy will benefit our country in the long run. Using nonrenewable resources will result in dependency. Oil will eventually run out and if we establish the use of solar energy we will be prepared when that time
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Lavora Moses Assignment Week 2 Day 7 Oil - Importing...

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