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Unformatted text preview: Q1-7 CHAPTER 1 Section 1.3, pp. 31–32 Solutions to Odd Number Problems 1. a) A dictionary is an organized store of meanings of words. It is a database. b) Stock market listings are an organized store of stock information. They are databases. c) A catalogue of automobile specifications and prices is an organized store of records of automotive data. It is a database. d) Credit card records contain an organized store of spending information. They are databases. e) An essay on Shakespeare's Macbeth is not an organized store of records. It is not a database. f) A teacher’s mark book is an organized store of records. It is a database. g) The Guinness World Records book contains facts, but not organized records. It is not a database. h) A list of books on your bookshelf contains only titles, and may not be organized. It is not a database. 3. Answers will vary. 5. Answers will vary. 7. Answers will vary. Top ...
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