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mdm12Section2_3_OddSolutionsFinal - Q1-11 CHAPTER 2 Section...

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Unformatted text preview: Q1-11 CHAPTER 2 Section 2.3, p. 117–118 Solutions to Odd Number Problems 1. a) students in the school b) grade 10 students in the school c) you d) those who have listened to the Beatles' music e) those who have tried the new remedy 3. a) stratified sample b) simple random sample, convenience sample c) voluntary-response sample 5. Obtain a list of the students in the school. Divide the number of students by 20 and round to the nearest integer. Call this number x. Randomly select a student from the first x names on the list. Then, select each xth student on the list. 7. a) cluster sample b) No, not every member of the community had an equal chance of being surveyed. c) The family members are randomly selected to the same extent as the member of the community centre was randomly selected. 9. a) voluntary-response sample b) Yes, the caller's statement is correct. Only interested listeners will call in with comments. c) The host's response may be mathematically correct if the callers are representative of the population. 11. Answers may vary. One possibility is to survey shoppers entering a mall by selecting every tenth customer. The shoppers are a convenient sample, but are being selected systematically. Top ...
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