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Unformatted text preview: Q1-7 CHAPTER 2 Section 2.4, pp. 123–124 Solutions to Odd Number Problems 1. a) Sampling bias; members may not want their golf course infringed upon. b) Response bias; councillors may not wish to admit taking part in an illegal activity. c) Measurement bias; the wording of the question invites an affirmative answer. d) Sampling bias; the cluster may not be representative of a population as diverse as that in Toronto. 3. a) Which party will you vote for in the next federal election? b) Which party will you vote for in the next federal election? c) Do you think first-year calculus is an easy or difficult course? d) Who is your favourite male movie star? e) Do you think that fighting should be eliminated from professional hockey? 5. Solutions for the Achievement Checks are in the Teacher Resource. 7. Answers may vary. Top ...
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