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Q1-5 Q7-13 Q15-19 CHAPTER 6 Review of Key Concepts, pp. 357–359 Solutions to Odd Number Problems 1. a) 7 (White) 758 7 20 P = ++ = b) (not black) 1 (black) 5 1 20 3 4 PP =− = 3. Answers may vary. a) P (all classes cancelled) = low b) P (at least one severe snow next winter) = high 5. The number of customers surveyed is 20. a) P ( x = 3) = 7 20 The odds in favour of exactly three visits are 7:13. b) 10 (3 ) 20 1 2 Px <= = The odds in favour of less than three visits are 1:1. c) 3 ) 20 >= The odds against more than three visits are 17:3. Top
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7. (1)(1)(7!) (Tyrone first then Amanda) 9! 1 72 P = = 9. a) Independent; hitting a home run has no effect on catching a pop fly. b) Dependent; staying up late increases the probability of sleeping late. c) Dependent; completing the review should increase performance on the exam. d) Independent; the selections are random. No attempt at matching is being made. 11. There are ten shirts in the wash. a) There are four shirts that belong to the parents, two of which belong to Klaus.
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mdm12Section6_R_OddSolutionsFinal - Q1-5 Q15-19 Q7-13...

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