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human bonding study guide prelim 2

human bonding study guide prelim 2 - Factors in...

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Factors in Interpersonal Attraction Physical Appearance If you are good looking, you have an advantage. Attraction influences whether or not you would like to get to know someone better. Stage of relationship matters: Beginning-looks matter more than after relationship’s developed. Middle-people become more good looking to you as you get to know and like them. End-if you don’t like someone and they do something off-putting, they become less attractive. Gender: When you’re trying to attract a man, physical appearance matters more. That’s why gay men and hetero women spend more time grooming. That’s why gay men and women are less satisfied w/appearance. Propinquity Proximity matters MIT Housing Study Three closest friends Same Quad Same Building Next door vs. 2-3 doors away How many friends overall: Most: near stairs and mailboxes Fewest: building 17 (building on farthest quad) Convenience matters a lot, so if you move away, friendships have greater chance of ending. Police Academy Study Partners assigned by 1 st letter of last time. Who are closest friends in police academy? Partners! Friends (and lovers) are “those who got there first” Familiarity “Mere Exposure Effect” Taste-test study (Repeated exposure = liking) Becoming Friends Study (2008, course packet) Caveat: will only be true if person has a neutral or mildly positive impression beforehand Dampens arousal (e.g. effects on sex) B/C people become more comfortable w/ each other Arousal has to do with excitement and interest Similarity Assortative (non-random) mating Opposites do not attract ( except in the case of heterosexuals) On the contrary, it is more likely that “likes-attract”
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Why are mates so similar? Hypothesis 1 Active phenotypic assortment Appearance influenced genes Hypothesis 2 Social Homogamy Study of personal ads Mate similarity on attributes mentioned in personals ads is likely due to active phenotypic assortment. More Factors In Interpersonal Attraction Personality/Character Top Two Mate Traits 1. Kindness 2. Understanding Dogs and Babies Attraction ratings go up with babies & dogs b/c person must be nice if they have a dog or a baby Positive Emotion Example: smiling = better looking b/c inference is that the person’s having a positive reaction to you. Sense of Humor Significantly boost attractiveness (overrides a lot of other bad characteristics) Make someone laugh = good flirting Highly valued trait: cleverness, witty Summary: we have a positive response b/c we think person will treat us well.
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