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Page 1 of 1 Organic Chemistry II UC-Berkeley Extension, Fall 2011 Amines: Class and nomenclature, pyramidal inversion, physical properties, basicity, preparation via known methods, preparation via azides, reaction with nitrosyl cation, diazonium salts, formation of phenols, Schiemann reaction, Sandmeyer reaction, Hoffman elimination, Cope elimination. Objectives: Identify compounds as primary, secondary or tertiary amines, as well as heterocyclic amines and heterocyclic aromatic amines. Match the name of an amine with the correct chemical structure. Draw the chemical structure of indole, purine, imidazole, etc. Explain why amines cannot be resolved into separate enantiomers. Describe the process by which the nitrogen atom inverts its stereochemistry. Compare the hydrogen bonding, boiling points and water solubility of amines to alcohols and hydrocarbons. Describe the water solubility of ammonium salts.
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