OCh_IIsyllabusF11 - Organic Chemistry II X36.B Fall 2011...

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Organic Chemistry II - X36.B - Fall 2011 EDP401620 Sam Gillette, Ph.D. sgillette@berkeley.edu EDP # 416750 Mondays 6-10 PM Golden Bear Center Room 208 Office hours : I will try to be in class before lecture each Monday. This is also a great opportunity for informal Q & A. Please use email liberally for questions. I will do my best to respond within 24 hours. There is also a chat room feature on bSpace for discussions with the class. Course Description : This course covers reactions of functional groups and interactions of polyfunctional compounds, aromatic compounds, carbonyl compounds, amines, and carboxylic acid derivatives. We will also have an introduction to biochemistry, lipids, carbohydrates, proteins, and nucleic acids. This course is designed for science majors, premedical and pre-health students, and professionals interested in chemistry. Organic Chemistry Laboratory II X36.1B is associated with this course. This lecture may be taken without the laboratory. Prerequisites : Completion Organic chemistry I (X36.A) with a C or better. Materials Needed: 1. Organic Chemistry, Brown, Foote and Iverson, 5th edition, Brooks/Cole, 2009 Recommend Access to OWL online web learning problem sets. Card with access code available bundled with the textbook or at owl.cengage.com. (Specify online access code for 5th edition.) 2. Molecular model kit is optional 3 . Pushing Electrons: A Guide for Students of Organic Chemistry Author: Weeks Grading Summary Item Number Points per item Total points Discussion Participation 1 50 50 Quizzes 8 (drop lowest) 25 175 Midterms 3 150 450 Final 1 300
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This note was uploaded on 01/22/2012 for the course CHEM II taught by Professor G during the Fall '11 term at University of California, Berkeley.

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OCh_IIsyllabusF11 - Organic Chemistry II X36.B Fall 2011...

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