Week 3 worksheet Answers - Organic Chemistry II Week 3...

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Unformatted text preview: Organic Chemistry II Week 3 worksheet Not for credit Match the compounds below with the correct lUPAC name: ap‘fite 3 /i_ Pwpawem PM (0 M an ii a, m isoPr‘opjl a)”fl’\2 y/prapanegl liIJU—a’rhzel‘h /- lisogmpal 4m 4350/43 acwlacl-e: CHOW/e ' diam/m}: N,N—dimethylacetamlde 2-methylpropanenitrile isoprcpyl acetate isopropyl anhydride 2-methylpropanoyl chloride For each functional group listed, draw an example of a compound that contains that functional group. Lactam r lmide Sulfonyl chloride CD 60 w, c frag—.5 P N “it 7 N U H o 0 Draw the mechanism of acid-catalyzed transesterification of isopropyl 2—methylpropanoate with methanol to form methyl 2-methylpropanoate. (You’ve not seen 1this mechanism specifically, but you should be able to deduce it based on everything that you know about related mechanisms, such as the Fischer esterificaticgi.) catalytic Ht 0/ H" O \ a7 / ‘ ‘ . —=.—-— 'O 7 O —< H / “‘ Y "“‘ 0/ o / . ' . . . .. . Ma What Is the name for the type of reaction below? ls this reaction an eqwlibrium? ’9 33'?“ l /Yu\o/ ‘_2"" /\/ + Cfgoyr A For each carboxylic acid derviative listed on the left, identify which other types of carboxylic acid derivatives @ be used to directly prepare the group on the left, and which groups cannot be used to prepared the one on the left. Each row will contain all of the following groups in one of the columns: Acid chlorides, anhydrides, esters, amides, nitriles Carboxylix acid derivative Can be formed directly from: Acid chloride Caribfjfic dads “nfi3‘4'2’{5 65kg cum/ales Carol‘grerc. and Ester “Cf-d ch {Uri 567’ a” jdri’az as I , Catf‘bok'jef'c may! Carboic r'c acid {Sic/r - ac‘ cfifwate a h Afr/06:2. . 60 ‘ CLch Worn/1664423 0” We“: ‘5 Carboxylic acid ...
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Week 3 worksheet Answers - Organic Chemistry II Week 3...

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