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amino acid stereochemistry, non-polar, polar, acidic and basic side chains, acid-base properties of amino acids and side chains, isoelectric point, electrophoresis, primary structure, cyanogen bromide, Edman degradation, solid phase peptide synthesis, peptide bond geometry, secondary structure, α -helix, β -pleated sheet, tertiary and quaternary structure. Objectives: Identify an amino acid as non-polar, polar, acidic or basic. Identify the stereochemistry of naturally occurring α -amino acids, including R/S and L/D configuration. Draw the correct stereochemistry of amino acids shown in staggered chain, line angle structures. Describe the acid and base properties of amino acids. Identify the approximate pKa values of amino and carboxylate groups in amino acids. Identify the approximate pKa values of ionizable side chains. Given the structure of an amino acid (side chain, plus amino and carboxylate groups), identify its protonation state and charges at a given pH. Define the isoelectric point for an amino acid.
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