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Week 6 Objectives

Week 6 Objectives - Week 6 Benzene and the Concept of...

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Page 1 of 1 Week 6: Benzene and the Concept of Aromaticity: structure of benzene, resonance stabilization, p-orbital overlap, rules of aromaticity, heterocyclic aromatics, aromatic ions, nomenclature, acidity of phenols, Alkyl-aryl ether synthesis, Kolbe carboxylation, quinones, benzylic oxidation and halogenation, benzyl ethers. Objectives: Draw the key resonance forms of benzene and describe the most important features of its structure. Describe how the overlap of p-orbitals contributes to stabilization of benzene. Define resonance energy and describe how benzene is stabilized due to resonance, compared to cyclohexene. Compare the general reactivity observed for an aromatic compound versus a non- aromatic compound. Define the rules necessary for a compound to be aromatic and use the rules to determine whether a compound is aromatic or not. Identify heterocyclic aromatic compounds and describe the hybridization and lone pairs of electrons in these compounds to explain their aromaticity.
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