Week 6 worksheet - 2,6-dischloro-4-fluoroanisole Provide...

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1 of 2 Organic Chemistry II Week 6 worksheet Not for credit Identify whether or not each molecule below is aromatic or not. For the aromatic molecules, identify the “n” value, describe the hybridization of the orbitals on each atom, show the lone pairs of electrons on heteroatoms and indicate what type of orbital they reside in and whether or not they are involved in the pi-system. For non-aromatic compounds, describe which requirements for aromaticity are not met. O N N N S N N N Draw the chemical structures that correspond to the following names: p-nitrotolune m-chlorobenzoic acid
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Unformatted text preview: 2,6-dischloro-4-fluoroanisole Provide names for each of the following chemical structures: H O NH 2 Cl Br Cl Br Given your understanding of acidity of nitrophenols, how would you expect the pKa of ortho-nitrophenol to compare to those of meta-nitrophenol and para-nitrophenol? Draw the relevant resonance structures to justify your answer. OH N O O N O O OH N O O OH o-nitrophenol m-nitrophenol p-nitrophenol 2 of 2 OH 1) NaOH 2) Cl 1) NaOH 2) CO 2 3) HCl, H 2 O OH HO O O OH H 2 CrO 4 NBS Cl Cl PhCH 2 Cl Et 3 N OH 1) Hg(OAc) 2 , H 2 O 2) NaBH 4 H 2 Pd/C...
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Week 6 worksheet - 2,6-dischloro-4-fluoroanisole Provide...

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