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Chang 1 Se Woong Chang Dr. Banville ENGL-1101- H December 11, 2007 Interface: Yesterday, Today, and Tomorrow One of the first typewriters used for commercial use was invented in the late 1800s and was called the “Sholes & Glidden Type Writer.” Although it was not a great success, it was the beginning of everything. The “Sholes & Glidden Type Writer” started with the original idea of a philosopher, Christopher Latham Sholes, who came up with an idea that involved a machine that would print page numbers on each page of a book. This minute idea sparked everything that resulted with what we have today- computers, where the interface between automated printing and humans all began. Although it took a while to get from the days of the “Sholes & Glidden Type Writer” to today’s extremely high tech laptops, the progress was in stride with, if not ahead, of the progress made by other technologies around us. (Typewriter) Until the late 1900s, typewriters were still preferred over a computer. Truly, the actual transition from typewriters to personal computers did not occur overnight. Do not be mistaken: even up to a couple of years ago typewriters were still widely utilized for specialized purposes such as filling out pre-printed forms and addressing envelopes. The transition between typewriters to computers will not fully be complete for an unpredictably long time; some traditional writers will still prefer
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Chang 2 a nice typewriter to highly personalized computer. However, even with high tech computers, there are numerous upgrades that are being made to the interface. (Typewriter) The first computer was not based on the interface that is widely operated on today, such as Microsoft Windows or a Macintosh. Computers began with the basic operating system- MS-DOS or Microsoft Disk Operating System, written by Tim Paterson in the early 1980s. MS-DOS was one of the first types of interfaces that allowed us to use a computer. With the MS-DOS, you would enter in a command into the ‘command’ line interface for some sort of action. (MS-DOS) However, today’s society uses an interface called Windows by Microsoft- the new interface that allows
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Expanded Essay v2 - Chang 1 Se Woong Chang Dr. Banville...

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