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Species - Species Related genetically Genes that do not...

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Species: Related genetically. Genes that do not change much: genes that code for enymes that many organisms must have. - Convergent evolution: 2 different organisms that converge together. - Divergent evolution: 2 e from the same ancestor but diverge. Typological: Speciation: process by which new species are formed from preexisting ones. Darwin’s = speciation = multiplication species. Reproduction at individual level vs. reproduction at species level ind: it is programmed, it id driven in particular directions. Output determined by genetic mkeup, the partner. specieS: not programmed. Constrained by phenotypes and phenotypes. Natural selection, mutations, genetic drift. Biological species concept: - Speciation occurs when organisms acquire mechanisms to isolate reproduction. Occurs by preventing fertilization (prezygotic isolation). - If fertilization occurs, and end up with hybrids, but they cannot reproduce (sterile) or are inviable (die). )post-zygotic isolation).
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