EE20-2005-11-02-Midterm-02-SOL - EECS 20N Structure and...

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Unformatted text preview: EECS 20N: Structure and Interpretation of Signals and Systems MIDTERM 2 Department of Electrical Engineering and Computer Sciences 02 November 2005 UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA BERKELEY LAST Name FIRST Name Lab Time A" . (10 Points) Print your name and lab time in legible, block lettering in the appropriate spaces provided above AND on the back of the last page. . This midterm should take you up to 80 minutes to complete. You will be given at least 80 minutes-up to a maximum of 90 minutes-to work on the midterm. . Aside from TWO two-sided 8.5 x ll-inch formula sheet for your exclusive use, you may not access, or cause to be used or accessed, any reference in print or electronic form at any time during the quiz. Computing, communi- cation, and other electronic devices (except dedicated timekeepers) must be turned off. Noncompliance with these or other instructions from the teaching staff-including, for example, commencing work prematurely or continuing beyond the announced stop time-is a serious violation of the Code of Student Con- duct. . The midterm printout consists of pages numbered 1 through 10. When you are prompted by the teaching staff to begin work, verify that your copy of the midterm is free of printing anomalies and contains all of the ten numbered pages. If you find a defect in your copy, notify the staff immediately. . Please write neatly and legibly, because ifwe can't read it, we can'tgradeit. . For each problem, limit your work to the space provided specifically for that problem. No other work will be consideredin evaluating your midterm. No excep- tions. . You must clearly and convincingly explain all your answers. . We hope you wrestle and beat this midterm to the ground! 1-- MT2.1 (20 Points) The impulse response 9 of a discrete-time, linear, time-invariant (LTI) system G : [Z -t JR]-t [Z -t JR]is given by: \InEZ, g:Z-tJR g(n) = { I if n ;:::0 o ifn<O....
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EE20-2005-11-02-Midterm-02-SOL - EECS 20N Structure and...

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