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Quiz 1 name and ID: 1. Which is the best description about manufacturing process? a a) to convert unfinished (input) materials to finished (output) products b) Make goods and services that is available to its people c) A system that produces a desired result. 2. Which of the following about manufacturing system are correct? (more than one answer) a,b a) Design or arrangement of the manufacturing processes b) Collection of operations and processes to produce a desired product or component c) An assembly that produces a desired result 3. Which of the following is most suitable to assemble automobiles? b a) job shop b) flow shop c) project shop 4. Which of the following properties are not mechanical properties? (it is ok if made wrong selection on 3 and 4) 1) Density 2) melting point 3) refraction ratio 4) Poisson ratio 5) Elastic modulus 6) Fracture toughness 7) Mass diffusion coefficient 8) Yield point
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