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Exp 20A - Acid Rain

Exp 20A - Acid Rain - Exp 20A Acid Rain Experiment 20A...

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Exp 20A: Acid Rain Experiment 20A: Formal Lab Write-up Include ALL Questions and Follow-up Questions Note: you will need the following information to complete the follow-up questions Solution A = NaOH Solution B = HCl Solution C = HNO3 Solution D = Ca(OH)2 Solution E = H2SO4 Solution F = KOH Vinegar (acetic acid) = HC2H3O2 Easy Off Oven Cleaner (sodium hydroxide) = NaOH Household Ammonia (ammonium hydroxide) = NH4OH 7-Up (carbonic acid) = H2CO3 Lemon Juice (citric acid) = H3C6H5O7 Milk of Magnesia (magnesium hydroxide) = Mg(OH)2 Operational Definitions (Describe what acids or bases do…): Acids taste sour (like vinegar and lemon), cause blue litmus to turn red, liberate hydrogen gas when they react with certain metals (like magnesium), and neutralize bases. Bases taste bitter (like soap), feel slippery to the touch, cause red litmus to turn blue, and neutralize acids. 1b. Write conceptual definitions of acids and bases (Define acids or bases in terms of their molecular structure…): An acid is a substance that, when dissolved in water, forms hydrogen ions (H+). A
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