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Vocab - Weather & Climate - Weather and Climate Word...

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Weather and Climate Word Definition Picture Absorption ( 1) Process of taking in and being made part of an existing amount of matter. (2) Interception of electromagnetic radiation or sound. Advection Fog Fog generated when winds flow over a surface with a different temperature. Two types of advection fog exist. When warm air flows over a cold surface it can produce fog through contact cooling. Cold air blowing over a warm moist surface produces a form of advection fog know as evaporation fog. Albedo The amount of radiation that is reflected off a surface Altitude Vertical distance above sea-level . Altostratus A middle cloud composed of gray or bluish sheets or layers of uniform appearance. In the thinner regions, the sun or moon usually appears dimly visible. Anemometer Mechanical instrument used to measure wind speed. These instruments commonly employee three methods to measure this phenomenon: 1) A device with three or four open cups attached to a rotating spinal. The speed of rotation is then converted into a measurement of wind speed; 2) A pressure plate that measures the force exerted by the moving wind at right angles; 3) An instrument consisting of a heated-wire where electrical resistance (temperature of the wire) is adjusted to account for heat lost by air flow. The faster the wind the greater the heat loss and thus
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the more energy that is required to keep the wire at a constant temperature. As a result, wind speed is measured through the drain of electrical current. Anticyclone An atmospheric pressure system consisting of an area of high pressure and outward circular surface wind flow. In the Northern Hemisphere winds from an anticyclone blow clockwise, while Southern Hemisphere systems blow counterclockwise. Aspect direction in which a slope faces Barometer Instrument that measures atmospheric pressure . Biosphere Part of the Earth where life is found. The biosphere consists of all living things, plant and animal. This sphere is characterized by life in profusion, diversity, and clever complexity. Cycling of matter in this biosphere involves not only
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Vocab - Weather & Climate - Weather and Climate Word...

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