Resources and Environmental Sustainability Reflection

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Resources and Environmental Sustainability Reflection In the past the Earth was seen as an unlimited source of materials that humans could use to survive. We have come to realize that the Earth’s natural resources are not going to last forever. Sustainability and finding alternative energy sources have become a key in building a future for the world. I believe that we should use the Earth’s resources efficiently, while keeping the concept of sustainability in mind. One of the major concerns nowadays is fossil fuels. Coal is the world’s most abundant fossil fuel because it’s inexpensive and is widely distributed all over the world. I think as we use up more and more fossil fuels such as coal and keep relying on it, we are bound to have even more concerns in future. Coal is a quickly depleting, non- renewable resource that releases carbon dioxide (a greenhouse gas) when burned. We also cause irreversible damage to the environment when we mine for these fossil fuels. While coal is an effective energy resource, it essentially damages the environment and
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