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Lehigh University ChE 202 Work Plan Questions for Gas Pressure Drop Experiment Please use the following data for your Work Plan calculations. Rotameter Conditions Pressure (psig) 60 Rotameter Reading (scfm) 12 Back Pressure Gauge Back Pressure Gauge Reading (psig) 40 Ambient Temperature (degrees C) 25 Pipe Length (Ft) 8 Pipe O.D. ½” nominal 1. Draw a schematic of the process equipment. 2. What is the actual volumetric flowrate in cfm at the rotameter? What is the corresponding mass flowrate in kg/s? 3. What is the volumetric flowrate at the back pressure gauge in cfm? 4. Calculate the Mach number at the back pressure gauge.
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Unformatted text preview: Comment if this flow could be considered as compressible or incompressible? 5. Calculate the Reynolds number for the in the test section. Use a Moody Diagram to determine the friction factor. 6. Calculate the pressure drop across the ½” nominal diameter pipe. 7. Suppose the back pressure is varied to obtain a pressure at the back pressure gauge of 30 psig for the same rotameter conditions (60psig, 12scfm). What is the pressure drop in the ½” nominal diameter pipe? Explain any difference. Does this differ from liquid flow?...
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