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Lehigh University ChE 202 Work Plan Questions for PRESSURE DROP IN PIPES, FITTINGS AND VALVES (Experiment #1) Please use the following data for your work plan calculations: For the 1-inch pipe Schd. 40: Flow = 81 liters/min Pressure Drop = 29.5 in. of water You will need to measure other things on the equipment in order to complete the calculations for your work plan. NOTE: There is nothing ¼ inches about a ¼ inches pipe or 1-inch about a 1-inch pipe. Consult a table for standard pipe sizes in Foust et al.-- P.U.O., or Perry’s Handbook, or elsewhere. 1. Calculate experimental friction factor for the above data.
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Unformatted text preview: 2. Calculate the Reynolds number for the above data. 3. For the data given above, what friction factor do you predict using the literature? 4. Show your experimental and predicted friction factors on a Moody diagram, and discuss possible reasons for the difference. 5. In the 1/4-inch pipe, what GPM of water flow is necessary in order to have a flow with a Reynolds Number of 1,500? 6. For a flow with Reynolds number of 1,500, what pressure drop do you expect (predict) for the length of 1/4-inch pipe in the test facility in the Lab. (Use units of inches of water.)...
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