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CHE 242 Fall 2011 Introduction to Process Control and Simulation Instructor: Professor Mayuresh V. Kothare Homework #1. Due date: Friday, September 2, 2011 http://coursesite.lehigh.edu On a single page, provide a type-written description of yourself ( I was born in . . . ), your background, any special accomplishments ( I invented a new control strategy, I won a sports medal . . . ), special interests, etc. Feel free to include any information that you would like to provide as long as it ±ts on a single page. Provide contact information (phone, e-mail, campus mail, etc.) somewhere in your
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Unformatted text preview: description. Cut and paste electronically a photograph of yourself on the top right corner of your one page description. Make sure the photograph is reasonably clear and recognizable. SUBMIT A HARD COPY OF HOMEWORK 1. Upload the same photograph you used in your homework to your pro±le on Coursesite so that it is visible in the “Participants” tab of the course web page. 100 points 1...
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