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No project is implemented in isolation. Events happening around the project may affect its progress. A nation-wide strike, an un-expected calamity or an abrupt economic change may bring the project to a grinding halt. Even if everything goes well, the sponsors may be tempted to enter the market early. In all cases, the project manager plays a vital role in shortening the project schedule. . This has been explained by Crashing Techniques through an example of a Yacht Project. Since we know that no project is implemented in isolation we can state that events that take place or events occuring around the project that we are working
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Unformatted text preview: on could affect its progress. Any major unexpected change such as economic or even change from the investors point creates a demand for a project manager to step in and play a vital role in shortening the project schedule. To start with, a manager should study fast-tracking or shift to an advanced technology. If nothing helps, more resources can be introduced for an early completion. Since it would invariably result in more costs, a manager must find out if, within the same time-frame, the costs could be brought lower than the crash-cost limit...
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