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HCRWK1(HealthPlans) - required if you need to see a spet...

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Tosha Padgett HCR/220 Instructor Jessica Ellis University of Phoenix Due: December 14, 2011 With an indemnity plan you can use any provider. In other words, they do not have a network of certain providers that you must use like an HMO (Health Maintenance Organization). However, with a Health Maintenance Organization, any preventive care is covered, whereas, with an indemnity plan it is not. Also with an HMO you have lower costs and copayments, but with an indemnity plan the costs can get pretty high. With a Point of Service (POS), you can go to the network providers or you can see an out of network provider, much like with a Preferred Provider Organization (PPO). However, if you see a network provider, the copayments will be a lot lower than if you were to see an out of network provider. This is also true with a PPO. A Point of Service plan also covers any preventive care that you may need. With a Preferred Provider Organization, referrals are not
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Unformatted text preview: required if you need to see a spet for any reason. With a Consumer Driven Health Plan the patient pays directly until the high deductible is met. You will also have a pretty high deductible, but the overall premium will be lower. This type of plan also has a saving account benefit that allows people to save untaxed wages that they can then use to pay for their out of pocket medical bills. I believe, from what I have learned, that a Point of Service (POS) plan sounds like the best for a consumer. It covers preventive care and you can see network providers or out of network providers. This is very helpful when you are searching for a doctor. Even though the copayments may be a little higher, at least they help with some of it whereas most of the others want you to only see certain providers....
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HCRWK1(HealthPlans) - required if you need to see a spet...

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