HCRWK3(IntakeProcess) - Improving The Patient Intake...

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Improving The Patient Intake Process By: Tosha Padgett HCR/220 Instructor Jessica Ellis University of Phoenix Due: January 15, 2012 In this paper, you will find a few of my ideas on how to make some much needed improvements in the patient intake process. When patients go to the doctor’s office or the emergency room, they are usually already feeling sick or ill in some sort of way. When you feel like this, as I am sure many of you have, the last thing you want to do is sit there and feel out paper after paper of questions that you feel are really unnecessary at that time. Then after you finish filling these forms out, you have to wait for the staff to enter it into the, usually slow, computers. I, myself, have been through this many times and I have to say it is very tiring and not pleasant at all. By the time the patient gets back to see the physician they are already feeling worse than when they arrived for treatment. As I was searching for information on this subject I ran across a study done called, “Time Allocation In Primary Care Office Visits,”
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HCRWK3(IntakeProcess) - Improving The Patient Intake...

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