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Human Sexuality and Culture Lecture 1/23/12: Announcements - 1 st review paper and MDL due Friday o Go to other resources in sakai for review paper o Upload paper to sakai and turn in to your TA in lecture o Discussion section wed. - Answer 5 ?S o Main idea o Why is topic important o Methods of inquiry, specific methods o What are results? o What are implications of study for sexuality research o Check rubric; 1 full page 2xspaced - Topics o Prostitution o Male/female body ideals and images o Masculinity/femininity norms - Problems in survey studies o Volunteer bias o What does “sex”, “had sex”, and “sexual relations” mean to most people
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Unformatted text preview: o Sex/ual activity: “mutually voluntary activity with another person that involves genital contact and sexual excitement or arousal, that is, feeling really turned on, even if intercourse or orgasm did not occur”-Sexual anatomy o External male anatomy Penis – reproductive, urinary and sexual • Avg. size flaccid – 3.75”x1.2” • Avg. size erect – 6”x1.5” Foreskin protects glans penis from abrasions and dryness Penis • Penile glans • Corona • Frenulum • Penile shaft • Forskin • Corpus savernosa • Corpus spongiosum...
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