lecture06.0121 - Ethnicity Some key points from last...

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1 1 Ethnicity Another BIG word for us. What we need to do: 1. Come up with an idea of what it is, how people talk about it. 2. Talk about some of the bad uses. 3. Talk about what might be positive about it. Lecture 06, 01/21/11 Some key points from last lectures: A. A couple of universals we’ve talked about: 1) humans are social animals; all humans live socially 2) all humans perceive the world in terms of culture (models of and models for) -- in terms of meaning -- in terms of categories -- in terms of stories 2 Lecture 06, 01/21/11 Some key points that follow: B. Other humans are part of the world we perceive culturally C. We give meaning to and categorize ourselves and other people in terms of culture -- through categorical memberships -- through stories we tell 3 Lecture 06, 01/21/11 4 Ethnicity From the Greek, ethnikos , meaning “heathen” (OED); also nation, gentiles The “other” Kottak’s definition: “...members of an ethnic group share certain beliefs, values, habits, customs, and norms because of their common background. They define themselves as different and special because of cultural features.” Lecture 06, 01/21/11 The blanks filled in… “In the mid-ninth century A.D. Ibn Khurraddhbeh described Western Europe as a source of ‘eunuchs, slave girls and boys, brocade, beaver skins, glue, sable, and swords,’ and not much more. A century later another Muslim geographer, the great Masudi, wrote that Europeans were dull in mind and heavy in speech, and the ‘farther they are to the north the more stupid, gross, and brutish they are.’” 5 Lecture 06, 01/21/11 6 From the Honolulu Advertiser The 2000 Census ranks Caucasians (294,102), Japanese (201,764), Filipino (170,635), Native Hawaiian (80,137), Chinese (56,600), Korean (23,537) and African American (22,003) as the largest ethnic groups in Hawai'i. Despite the ethnic diversity, it wasn't until the 1990s that
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lecture06.0121 - Ethnicity Some key points from last...

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