lecture10.0131 - Becoming Human (1) Remember Unity: the...

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1 1 Becoming Human (1) Watersheds, Questions & Trends in Human Evolution Lecture 10, 01/31/11 2 Remember… Unity: the concept of a species (a population whose members can produce offspring who can themselves live and reproduce) Creating new kinds: speciation (groups sharing a common ancestor but who cannot interbreed to produce offspring who themselves can live & reproduce) Lecture 10, 01/31/11 3 Evolutionary Processes A. Generating variety: something new under the sun ( mutation ) B. Random processes: something old and lost ( genetic drift ) C. Keeping it all together: gene flow Lecture 10, 01/31/11 4 Big Watersheds 1. Origins of humankind : --> 5 -4.5 million yrs. ago, australopithecines --> about 2.5 million yrs. ago, Homo habilis 2. Origins of anatomically modern humans : --> Homo erectus : about 1.8 million yrs. ago 3. Development of food production systems : --> about 10,000 yrs. ago 4. Origins & characteristics of complex forms of social organization Lecture 10, 01/31/11 5 Big Questions 1. : development of the species; implications of physical features for subsistence, social life, imagination 2. Subsistence : ways of biological survival pursued; movement to a species with apparent control over the environment 3. Social Complexity : numbers of people in face to face contact; questions of inequality and exploitation arising 4. : the possibility & content of belief and meaning Lecture 10, 01/31/11 6 ------------------------------------------------ CATEGORY OUR GROUP FRIENDS IN GROUP ------------------------------------------------ ORDER Primates Prosimians, Monkeys, Apes & Us SUBORDER Anthropoidea Monkeys, Apes, Us
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lecture10.0131 - Becoming Human (1) Remember Unity: the...

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