lecture11.0202 - Becoming Human(2 Importance of Geographic...

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1 Becoming Human (2) 1 Lecture 11, 02/02/11 2 Importance of Geographic Spread With H. erectus , however, we get the first spread of our genus out of Africa --> H. erectus remains are the first of our genus to be found in a variety of ecosystems --> a new threshold: transcend environmental limitations Lecture 11, 02/02/11 And the biggest recent argument in paleoanthropology: 1. Homo sapiens out of Africa? Single Origin Hypothesis Noah’s Ark Model Eve Hypothesis Out of Africa Hypothesis 2. Or throughout the whole range Multiregional Continuity Hypothesis Regional Continuity Hypothesis 3 Lecture 11, 02/02/11 A Hot Issue Milford Wolpoff (UM Paleoanthropologist) calls proponents of the Eve Hypothesis “wacko” Ian Tattersall (Columbia Paleoanthropologist): “But this viewpoint [the multiregional hypothesis] does seem to me to illustrate, better than any other current example, the extreme parochiality with which paleoanthropology is cursed.” 4 Lecture 11, 02/02/11 Fossils versus molecular biology 1. Multiregionalists argue from the fossil evidence 2. Single Originists argue from molecular biology and the discovery of Mitochondrial DNA (mtDNA) 5 Lecture 11, 02/02/11 6 Summary of the assumptions about mtDNA that Eve arguments hold: --> mtDNA inherited only through women --> mtDNA present in both men and women -->
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lecture11.0202 - Becoming Human(2 Importance of Geographic...

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