lecture20.0307 - More Method Interpretation Invocation by...

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1 1 More Method: Interpretation So much to consider! Here's what I'll do: I. Put the Tamang in the context of wider Himalaya & changes there II. Talk about this in the context of method as interpetation III.Talk about some of the things that engage my work with Tamang & Ghale Lecture 20, 03/07/11 2 Invocation by Chen Rezig •“Therefore, Shariputra, without attainment, bodhisattvas take refuge in Prajnaparamita and live without walls of the mind. Without walls of the mind and thus without fears,they see through delusions and finally nirvana.” Avalokiteshvara (Chen Rezig), The Heart Sutra, lines 21-25. Lecture 20, 03/07/11 3 I. General Contexts Lecture 20, 03/07/11 4 Regional & Cultural Locations: The Himalayan Arc Lecture 20, 03/07/11 5 Nepal: Ethnic Locations Lecture 20, 03/07/11 6 Common Landscapes Lecture 20, 03/07/11
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2 7 Tibeto-Burman People Lecture 20, 03/07/11 8 Lamaic (Buddhist) & Shamanic (Bombo) Traditions Lecture 20, 03/07/11 II. What do cultural anthropologists do? 9 Lecture 20, 03/07/11 Looking for Pattern 10 Lecture 20, 03/07/11 Method in Anthropology Our methods follow from what anthropology is as a discipline: the study of the human condition But the methods of cultural anthropology are distinguished by their focus on concrete people. You could say that we are “person centered” 11 Lecture 20, 03/07/11 12 Let’s Begin with the Person as a Perceiving Agent •What is a person? •A “cultural biology” of blood & flesh (shya) and bone (nakhrut). •A collection of souls or spirits
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lecture20.0307 - More Method Interpretation Invocation by...

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