lecture27.0323 - Why study Anthropology(From Lecture 8 Jan...

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1 1 What Have I Learned What have I learned but The proper use for several tools? The moments Between hard pleasant tasks To sit silent, drink wine, And think my own kind Of dry crusty thoughts. -- Gary Snyder Lecture 27, 03/23/11 Why study Anthropology? (From Lecture, 8 Jan 2010) A philosophical question: How can I do what's good? (Aristotle, Aquinas); what does it mean to be good? What do we need to know? Being what we are -- human. Anthropology helps us to know who we are -- not limited or partial. 2 Lecture 27, 03/23/11 3 “…John Dewey’s test for adequacy in philosophy…” (Jackson, p 163) “Does it end in conclusions which, when they are referred back to ordinary life- experiences and their predicaments, render them more significant, more luminous to us, and make our dealings with them more fruitful? Or does it terminate in rendering the things of ordinary experience more opaque than they were before. . . ?” Lecture 27, 03/23/11 4 And Michael Jackson’s elaboration… (also p. 163) “According to this view, reflective thought is a way of enrichment rather than control, of critique rather than mystification. It urges that we replace our desire to know how to know with a desire to know how to live. Knowledge then becomes a way of carrying us into more fruitful and caring relationships with others, rather than distancing ourselves from others in the name of objectivity.” Lecture 27, 03/23/11 5 Some of our tools Culture Cultural systems: religion kinship personhood gender politics place…. And categories: race, ethnicity…etc… Lecture 27, 03/23/11 6 Wednesday We’ll begin with Warlpiri “personhood” -- this means we’ll begin with trees -- take a look at chapter 13 in Jackson… Lecture 27, 03/23/11
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2 7 “Getting It”: On to Jackson "It so happened that when I returned to Lajamanu, it was a tree that determined the course of my fieldwork: the same tree Francine and I had visited with Nola Nungarrayi the previous year, and Nola had mourned as her father" (pp. 137-38). Anthropological epiphanies Ethnography as a “rite of passage” Lecture 27, 03/23/11 8 Anthropological Motivations "This is how I understood the journey I embarked upon. Much had been written on the subject of home and homelessness in the Western world, but what of the
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lecture27.0323 - Why study Anthropology(From Lecture 8 Jan...

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