lecture31.0401 - What Have I Learned Hwaet! What have I...

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1 1 What Have I Learned What have I learned but The proper use for several tools? The moments Between hard pleasant tasks To sit silent, drink wine, And think my own kind Of dry crusty thoughts…. -- Gary Snyder Lecture 31, 04/01/11 Hwaet! So, what’s it all about? “a very strange class, I am not sure what I learned, I am confused, what should I do? well take this course if you want to learn the ‘human condition.’” “It is an easy A course. However, you get what you expect. If you don't take a rigorous course, you don't learn much… Needlessly complicated, abstract, not direct, but instead talks about weird things intangible things…” Lecture 31, 04/01/11 2 Our Dilemma (1): What do we do? "[H]istory has come to the stage when the moral man, the complete man, is more and more giving way . . . to make room for the . . . commercial man, the man of limited purpose. This process . . . is assuming gigantic proportion and power, causing the upset of man's moral balance, obscuring his human side under the shadow of soul-less organization." -- Rabindranath Tagore, 1917 Lecture 31, 04/01/11 3 Our Dilemma (2): What do we do? "Achievement comes to denote the sort of thing that a well-planned machine can do better than a human being can, and the main effect of education, the achieving of a life rich in significance, drops by the wayside." -- John Dewey, 1915 Lecture 31, 04/01/11 4 "The Good" TF: Yes, but a man needs to give a little more help, right? RT: Yes. It's like doing parma . When you need something done, you don't have to search in another place. I'd go. At the time you need me then I come. TF: Yes, but why does a husband have to
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lecture31.0401 - What Have I Learned Hwaet! What have I...

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