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SOCAL PSYCHOLOGY DR. DAVID STOUT UNIT 2 EXAM REVIEW GUIDE NOTE: relationships between the concepts below and concepts that were presented in Unit 1 may appear on the exam. In addition, applications of the concepts below may also appear on the text. CHAPTER 5 Evolutionary psychology Common behavior tendencies/universal behaviors that have evolved through natural selection The evolution of culture Social programming and cultural diversity Influence of social norms Variance of cultural norms for expressiveness, punctuality, rule-breaking, and personal space Universal norms and dimensions Ways in which females and males are similar Ways in which females and males differ Evolutionary psychological explanations for gender differences in mating preferences Criticism of evolutionary psychology Influences of hormones on gender Cultural influences on gender Influence of gender roles Ways in which gender roles vary and why Peer-transmitted culture Interaction of biology and culture and their influences on gender and behavior Ways in which person and situation interact
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Social+Psych+Unit+2+Exam+Review+Guide - SOCAL PSYCHOLOGY...

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