Communication Lecture 16

Communication Lecture 16 - Lecture16 o Relationship occurs...

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- Lecture 16 RELATIONSHIPS and INTERPERSONAL COMMUNICATION o Relationship:     A relationship is formed whenever reciprocal message processing  occurs Reciprocal message processing is interpersonal  communication Whenever at least two individuals mutually take into account and  adjust to one another’s verbal and non verbal behavior o Interpersonal Communication:     The means through which all relationships are initiated, developed,  maintained, shaped, reshaped and in some cases are terminated o Relationship and interpersonal communication are therefore tied together - COMMUNICATION and RELATIONSHIPS o Characteristics of relationships:     Mutual awareness  – both people have some degree of awareness for  the other and for the relationship Awareness may vary among people and relationships Developed through coordinated interaction Intimacy, uncertainty, and self disclosure (we will come back  to this) May promote longer and deeper relationships if we  “communicate on the same page” - INTIMACY, UNCERTAINTY, and SELF DISCLOSURE o Intimacy:     Closeness; the extent to which individuals feel comfortable to share 
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Communication Lecture 16 - Lecture16 o Relationship occurs...

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