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fnal exam study guide - 790:333 American Race Relations...

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790:333 American Race Relations Final Exam Study Guide Exam Rules 1. You may consult only your own handwritten or printed notes. NO LAPTOPS OR OTHER ELECTRONIC DEVICES WILL BE ALLOWED. 2. You will not be allowed to directly consult your textbooks and the assigned articles during the exam. Take careful notes! 3. It is strictly forbidden to use Internet sources other than those to which links have been provided on Sakai or in my emails to the class. 4. Make-up exams are available only to students who find themselves unable to take the regularly scheduled exam because of illness (with a doctor’s note) or some other absence that is excused by the University (i.e., an absence that the dean’s office will sanction with a note). Study Guide You will be asked to write two essays on topics from the second half of the course (i.e. everything we covered after spring break). 1. The first essay is compulsory and deals with ethnic-based collective action in the post-civil rights era. 2. For your second essay, you will be asked to choose one question from among three options. The three options are: a. Affirmative action b. Immigration c. Criminal justice/national security. For essay 1: The following terms and concepts will be crucial for your essay: Social movements Ideologies Ethnicity and panethnicity Voluntary and imposed identities Racial lumping Disidentification Supratribal identities You will be asked to identify the factors that facilitate or constrain collective action based on ethnic identities. You should be prepared to draw examples from any of the groups we studied, making reference to the major historical events (e.g. the occupation of Alcatraz) and the issues that African Americans, Asian Americans, Latinos and American Indians have mobilized around. 1
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For essay 2: You will be asked to discuss the historical background and current policy debates on the issue you select: either affirmative action or immigration or criminal justice/national security. You will also be required to critically analyze the racial dimensions of the issue.
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