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Lecture 2 Things Sociologists look for to understand legal system - 3 approaches 1) understanding 2) critic- there may be problems, we as sociologists can be critics of a problem - look at problem, understand problem, publicize problems 3) Praxis- “wedding” of theory and action Sociology has become active agent for change we have to take actions against problems with laws that effect society Courtroom objective truth Sociology search for a different truth, active agents for change
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Unformatted text preview: 2 concepts of law 1) stare decisis 2) precedent state decisis- stand by what has been decided prior cases similar, make argument in my case that the results should be similar- Drunk Driving used to give breathalyzer Now give Alcotest- after people pulled over they give psychophysical test, if still problems they are taken to police station for alcotest (if greater than .8, you are in big trouble)...
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