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Lecture 2 Law and Society - Criminal Case- to be convicted of murder you must have committed act and have done it with intent - Malice aforethought- you thought about murder, planned it out, and then did it - If it is not planned beforehand, it is not murder considered manslaughter (manslaughter- done without intent) - In search for truth, we must look at concept of perspectivism - perspectivism- lens through which we are looking for the truth
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Unformatted text preview: Mediation- mediation is the study of conflict and conflict resolution- Psychologists have entered through field of mediation because they believe they can resolve conflict- clergy believe they can resolve conflict- social workers believe they can resolve conflict Fields involved in Mediation 1) clergy 2) social workers 3) psychologists 4) sociologists 5) communication 6) financial people...
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