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Lecture 2 (continued) - Most of our conflicts are with people we are close with - What Point of View are we looking at mediation in? Answer: Sociological Point of View Biological Point of View - USE the term FILM if case is actually tried - previous cases decided by courts can be used to sovle present case “ if it is similar facts, we should have similar truth and results” - courts are reacting to a case that already happened, sociologists anticipate future problems
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Unformatted text preview: - Sociologists more open minded, looking to see why people act the way they do clash of able adversaries able to find the truth- Truth does not always emerge ex: OJ Simpson, Casey Anthony- Truth is never objective, truth is subjective- In mediation, truth is not important, what is important is to resolve conflict- In sociology, we are trying to look at legal system, look for truth about laws, make improvements...
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