Hist of Holocaust December 8

Hist of Holocaust December 8 - December 8 2011 Adolf...

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Unformatted text preview: December 8, 2011- Adolf Eichmann, SS official who directed division in charge of “Jewish affairs and Jewish evacuation” o Jewish evacuation- policy in which they tried to kick Jews out of Germany and get them to emigrate somewhere else It ended up meaning deporting them to death camps o Eichmann became central to the logistics of that; if you want to kick people out of their homes, have to think about how the train is going to work, how to communicate, etc.- Coordinated policy in countries around Europe- Negotiating little agreements between Nazi occupiers in other countries- Running back and forth between different administrative branches of the Nazi government- Desk murderer- never took part in shootings or gassings, but did visit those sites- new exactly what was going on o Sat at his desk, made phone calls and memos to make sure everything ran smoothly- In 1945 when war was over, fell into custody of US Army o Europe was in total chaos o Soldiers didn’t really know who he was- US didn’t want to have a big discussion about the Nazi officials outside of Germany because there were a lot of them who were being used in the United States; CIA just kind of watched o Sat in Buenos Aires until 1960’s o Was put on trial in 1961, charged with 15 counts including Crimes against Jewish People, Against Humanity o Was able to follow all of the proceedings against him; spend whole trial behind bulletproof glass box in fear that...
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Hist of Holocaust December 8 - December 8 2011 Adolf...

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