hist of holocaust Nov 7

hist of holocaust Nov 7 - Nov 7 th For paper If referring...

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Unformatted text preview: Nov. 7 th For paper: If referring to any other readings on Syllabus (Kaplan book), you can just say (Kaplan, p. 39); don’t need to sight the lectures because they are common knowledge. Do need to cite a book.- Jewish resistance in the ghettos/ areas around the ghettos- Talk about two of the most dramatic instances of resistance we know about it- Question that should be in your mind: if we go and attach the label of heroism to resistance in the Holocaust, do we then, by implication, start to demean or downgrade other forms of resistance?- Adam Czerniakow, Chairman of the Jewish Council in Warsaw Ghetto (largest ghetto) o Know a lot about him because he kept a meticulous diary o Did all that he could until 1942 when Jews were deported from Warsaw ghetto into death camps in Treblinka o Given the same command (as other guy from last week) of removing the children/weak; other guy complied, Adam did not o Adam’s last diary entry: “ Jews without regard to sex or age with some exceptions would be deported to the east, 6,000 had to be supplied by 4:00… Hoefle [person in charge of deportation] called me nito the office and informed me that my wife was free at the moment but if deportation failed she would be the first to be shot as a hostage…” next day, committed suicide. When he kills himself, there is a kind of power vacuum in the ghetto. Germans are carrying out deportations, but Jewish council is no longer functioning… never establishes same control over the people that it used to have o The “Assembly Place” in the Warsaw Ghetto, 1942...
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hist of holocaust Nov 7 - Nov 7 th For paper If referring...

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